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Important theses about the Google Florida update.

The first time in the Florida update is satisfied with the majority.

There’s something wrong.

My personal opinion in the rankings of the first 1 month of the rising of the properties of the site and why they rise.

-Regular, intense and poor quality of the backlinks taken with.

-Search engine-oriented and intense keywords containing (bla, bla)

Purpose: The above feature of the sites, the top or the reason why it brings to the pages is that it has so much signal and tries to measure the real user response and user experience.Just writing the content, internal seo editing and those who do not need backlinke.r10 most of this audience while watching the rambling of my attention has attracted the attention.

Give me my ignorance The other day, following a twitter account a site owner asks the following question from the man at the beginning of the algorithm, the following answer: the owner of the site: “all content semantic and in no way I did not get the backlink. All my words on the first page of 8-9. In the first process, the front pages can be leaps to the front pages.

Do not despair. Do not touch any data that you believe is correct. It is not sincere that you will encounter the opposite situation in the next process. Since the update has started, there has been a great rebound despite no backlink or other signal. My first words thrown directly into the 8th page. But as of today all the words are the first page and a lot of words have risen exceptionally. I also presented this thesis in the Moradam office last week with Seçkin Talanöz. When the update is over, shake and voices rise, know that this is the case.